Tennessee delivery driver dances after finding sweet treats on doorstep

NASHVILLE, TN – A delivery driver was recorded by a doorbell camera doing a happy dance, after finding a sweet surprise on a family’s doorstep.

An unexpected surprise waiting at a doorstep, brought a whole lot of joy to this amazon delivery driver.

Sarah Barnes left treats for delivery drivers

“I thought, what better way give a little bit of thank you and spread a little bit of joy this Christmas season than to set out this little treat box for the delivery workers," said Barnes.

Barnes says she did a lot of Christmas shopping online this season, and wanted to give something to those delivering the goods, something to smile about.

“All of my Christmas shopping was done online and so I knew that the delivery workers were going to be working extra and coming to my house more than usual so I just wanted to put out a little something to let them know they that they’re appreciated,” said Barnes.

She says while a lot of drivers take a treat, none of them have responded quite like this “and he loved that Capri Sun. I wish I could find him and give him a whole box of Capri Sun."

A few shoulders pops and shuffles later, this guy is back work in his delivery truck.

Barnes hopes this inspires more people to do something for others.

“I just knew I had to share it and let people know like, this is what you can do for someone’s day with something so small.”