Texas 14-year-old graduates from college

Already the CEO of his own company, a Texas teen can now add college grad to his resume, as well — years before his peers will ever set foot on a university campus.

It turns out, super high achievement runs in the family.

As most 14-year-olds navigate high school halls for the first time, Ian Taylor Schlitz is marking a different milestone

Securing a college diploma before he’s even old enough to drive.

“When I progressed on to college, it was almost like it’s where I belonged,” said Schlitz.

He was just 12 the first time he stepped onto Tarrant County College’s northeast campus — an unusual but natural progression for a kid who’s been learning at his own pace since his parents pulled him from public school at age 8.

“I’m really glad they allowed me to do this, you know, excel,” said Schlitz.

Allowing him to finish elementary, middle and high school in four years time

Not so much an anomaly but the norm after big sister Haley became the youngest person ever to attend SMU Law at just 16.

“I had to learn to take my fears and the things I thought about what 13 meant and what 14 meant or what 16 meant, and I had to put those away,” said his dad, William.

William said as more families turn to home-schooling amid the pandemic, he and his wife tell them to focus on the subjects that matter most and to simply get out of the kids' way.

“I learned about the stereotypes we all place on children. We think what children can’t do and children have so much potential if we would just let them shine, I think they will surprise us all,” said William.

Which Ian continues to do as a junior at UNT who’s deciding between an MBA or med school.

Though at this rate, there’s plenty of time to do both.

And the family tradition of sorts isn’t ending with Ian, little sister Hana is picking up the reins with her first class at Tarrant County College this fall.