DMV centers are still appointment-only, most have backlogs

Virginia DMV office in Roanoke, Virginia (WSLS 10)

RICHMOND, Va. – All Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles centers are still operating by appointment-only because of the coronavirus pandemic. And most are booked three months out.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that residents are traveling outside of their county or city to get an appointment.

Gov. Ralph Northam announced in March that the DMV’s 75 locations would close their doors. They started opening again in May and throughout the summer.

The agency served about 17,700 people a day before the pandemic. The DMV is now serving about 11,000 people per day on average across 73 centers. Two of the 75 remain closed due to their small spaces.

The department does not have an estimate for when it will catch up to the demand. The state says that vehicle registration, driver’s license renewal and title replacements can still be done virtually.