Virginia secures $20.1M in grants to improve broadband access in 17 areas

The funding will support 11 projects and also leverage $18.8 million

RICHMOND, Va. – More than 13,400 households, businesses and anchor institutions will soon have access to high-speed internet thanks to a large grant award.

Gov. Ralph Northam announced on Thursday that Virginia has been awarded $20.1 million in Virginia Telecommunication Initiative (VATI) grants to expand internet services in 17 areas, including Franklin County, Montgomery County and Halifax County.

These three counties will collectively receive roughly $2 million in grants. Here is a breakdown:

  • Franklin County and Briscnet will receive $1,107,700 that will provide 1,996 serviceable units with broadband access
  • Montgomery County and Gigabeam will receive $919,569 that will go to 1,292 serviceable units including 44 business in Allegheny Springs, Elliston, Lafayette and Shawsvile
  • Halifax County and EMPOWER Broadband will receive $65,776 which will be used to connect 25 serviceable unit to a Virginia regional fiber network

The funding will go toward 11 projects and will also leverage $18.8 million in private and local investments, according to the release.

“Quality broadband service is key to growing our economy, and learning, competing and succeeding in today’s digital world,” said Northam. “This funding will have an enormous impact on thousands of unserved Virginians and bring us closer to our goal of every community in our Commonwealth having access to high-speed internet.”

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