Wason Center poll finds Virginians give high approval for Gov. Youngkin, low approval for Pres. Biden

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – The Wason Center for Civic Leadership at Christopher Newport University released poll results for its recent survey of the Commonwealth.

The center found that in general, Virginians approve of the Commonwealth and Gov. Glenn Youngkin, but aren’t as approving of the nation and Pres. Joe Biden.

Respondents also indicated that they want Gov. Youngkin to stay in the Commonwealth.

Here’s a breakdown of the key findings:

  • A plurality of Virginians think the Commonwealth is headed in the right direction (45% to 37%), while 50% approve of the job Governor Youngkin is doing. Still, Virginians prefer that the Governor not run for president (59% to 29%).
  • Virginians are pessimistic about the direction of the country (19% right direction to 73% wrong direction); dissatisfaction is reflected in Biden’s approval rating (38% approve to 57% disapprove)
  • Virginia voters support recreational marijuana sales (60%) and allow any interested localities to host casinos should their residents approve one in a referendum (55%).
  • Virginia voters strongly support staying in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (66%) and support the Virginia Clean Economy Act (62% to 33%).
  • 41% of Virginians Give Their Local Public Schools an “A” or “B” Grade; Only 13% Grade National Public Schools that High.
  • Virginia voters also show support for requiring parental approval for K-12 students to be referred to by a different pronoun from their birth certificate (59% to 36%).
  • Virginians would prefer to keep state abortion laws as is (43%) compared to 29% who would prefer less restrictive laws and 23% who want more restrictive laws on abortion.
  • A plurality of Virginia voters support lowering Virginia’s individual income tax rate (48% to 43%), but Virginians oppose a cut to Virginia’s corporate income tax rate (57% to 37%).

Research Director Dr. Rebecca Bromley-Trujillo said Virginians are generally happy with their local schools but are less satisfied with the nation’s public school system.

“Virginians are generally alright with the direction of the Commonwealth, but have far more negative opinions regarding the direction of the country as a whole,” Bromley-Trujillo said. “Virginians give Governor Youngkin solid marks as he enters his second year in office. Conversely, they see the nation as headed in the wrong direction and continue to be displeased with the president. And this same dynamic, which has been noted in prior polling, extends to education as well. Virginians are far more satisfied with their own local public schools than they are with the nation’s public schools in general. This poll also finds they would prefer Governor Youngkin stay right here leading the Commonwealth, rather than venture out in pursuit of the presidency.”

To read more results of the survey and analysis, click here.

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