Would you be able to find your kid’s secret stash?

Ingenious ‘secret stash’ containers stumping parents

They live under your roof.

You know your kids better than anyone else.

Do you think they’d be able to hide drugs from you? Before you answer with an assured “NO,” know that ‘secret stash’ containers are increasing in popularity, and getting easier to obtain.

The containers have some things in common: They’re easy to purchase, they’re cheap -- usually around $10 -- and they look exactly like real household items.

A new corner of the Internet is dedicated to selling secret stash items. Drug addiction experts say kids are buying them to store drugs, hiding them, and their habit, from their parents.

The following are some otherwise innocent-looking household items that could be secret stash containers:

  • Fake lint rollers
  • Fake soda cans
  • Fake plants
  • Fake water bottles
  • Fake household cleaners
  • Fake belts with hidden compartments
  • Fake books
  • Fake hair brushes
  • Fake watches
  • Fake deodorant sticks