Rep. Cline to be in next hearing in ‘ridiculous’ impeachment probe

Republican Congressman Ben Cline commented on his committee’s role in the inquiry Tuesday at an event in Roanoke

ROANOKE, Va. – News broke Tuesday afternoon regarding the next step in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

The House Judiciary Committee scheduled a hearing for Wednesday, Dec. 4.

Republican Congressman Ben Cline, who volunteered at the Roanoke Rescue Mission on Tuesday, is on the committee and will be there for the hearing.

He told 10 News he expects House Democrats to hammer through articles of impeachment, sending them to the Senate, despite -- as he says -- that Americans want the probe to end.

Cline called the ongoing impeachment process “ridiculous”.

“The whole product is going to be, unfortunately, tainted with partisanship. The public sees that. They don’t appreciate it,” Cline said.

Democratic House leader Adam Schiff announced Monday that the party is getting a report ready, which it will send to the House Judiciary Committee.

Cline said there are more transcripts from the testimony that he’d like to see, and he hopes Republicans get to call witnesses of their own next week.