Martinsville-Henry County Christmas Parade brings joy for the season

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – The Christmas spirit came to Southside Sunday afternoon.

The Martinsville-Henry County Christmas Parade wound through Uptown Martinsville as thousands of onlokkers enjoyed the festivities.

The parade was originally supposed to take place Nov. 23, but got delayed because of rainy weather. Those who made it out on Sunday say they’re glad the parade got delayed rather than cancelled.

“It’s perfect. You couldn’t ask for better," said Martinsville resident Kim Keith. "There’s a little chill in the air, but the sun is shining and the wind isn’t too bad.”

“We’ve been coming to the Christmas parade since I was a child," added Henry County resident Krys Shively, who came with her kids. "It’s just really fun to get he whole family together.”

Keith and Shively also see the parade as a sign that Martinsville is a nice place to live.

“We love it that something this exciting is going on in Martinsville," said Keith. "We didn’t have to drive far, and the kids are excited.”

“There was a time when downtown got really, really quiet and there were not a whole lot of people that would come out for events," Shively said. "It’s starting to come back and grow a lot more, and I really like that.”

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