University of Lynchburg, city officials begin process to remove College Lake Dam

Heavy rain damaged dam in August 2018, placing flood threats for several neighborhoods

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The work to begin removing the College Lake dam is underway.

Soon you’ll start seeing engineers taking notes around the Lynchburg dam and also in the water.

City leaders have hired a firm to help find the best way to remove the 85-year-old dam, restore the lake-bed and connect it back to Blackwater Creek again.

The Water Resources department and the University of Lynchburg are working together to complete the first phase.

The removal process comes after heavy rain in August 2018 caused the lake to overtop, damaging the dam.

“If you see flagging around it’s really important not to mess with that. I hope that’s not an invitation for it either. But it’s really important to leave that flagging alone. The survey will be picked up and everything,” Erin Hawkins, water quality manager, said.

Officials say it will be a few years before a bridge is built over the dam. The project will cost about $20 million.

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