Slay your 2020 health goals with Yours Chewly Nutrition

Roanoke dietitian shares fun ways to transition into a healthier lifestyle

ROANOKE, Va. – Picking the healthier meal over the more convenient one can be a little difficult. Roanoke-born dietitian Claire Chewning makes it easy with her tips and recipes.

Chewning owns Yours Chewly Nutrition LLC. and her biggest tip is making small, tactical changes.

Over time, big changes can be ineffective where tiny changes can help you gain momentum rather than lose momentum.

Chewning suggests healthier snacks throughout the day so you don’t go too long without eating. Great snack choices include nuts, seeds, pretzel crisps, cheese, yogurts, oats, fruits and vegetables.

Another tip, drink more water. It helps to keep energy levels up and a variety of other benefits for your body.

While spending some time with 10 News reporter, Megan Woods, Chewning shared her recipe for a healthy and quick egg muffin. For a list of Chewning’s popular recipes including her Eggcelent Egg Muffins, click here.

Chewning connects with her clients virtually from across the country. Click here to learn about her private Facebook community, The Yours Chewly Goal Slayers.

There’s also a podcast on Apple, iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. Click here for more information.

January 2, 2020 Chewning is hosting a free webinar, A Non-Diet New Year at 7:30 p.m. To watch, click here.

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