As growth continues, Botetourt County residents make wish list for new businesses

County leaders look to pump money into infrastructure projects and encourage small businesses to expand, move in

BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. – Botetourt County is growing faster than leaders could have hoped for.

Leaders announced on Friday that their savings account is nearly double what it was a decade ago and they’re looking forward to investing in new projects.

With more people come more needs, and the county is learning more about what businesses people hope move in.

In the Daleville area, people told 10 News they want more restaurants, shopping and a grocery store.

“Long John Silvers,” said Botetourt County resident Donald Perry. “Because it’s good and I don’t like driving all the way to Williamson Road (in Roanoke).”

“I think Botetourt could use... a Hobby Lobby and another grocery store,” resident Audry Keleher said.

The county recently got the results of a survey that told them what businesses residents want in their county.

The top answers were:

  • Restaurants
  • General merchandise stores
  • Outdoor stores
  • Sports stores
  • Bike shops
  • Wine shops

“We would love to have more restaurants down here, some nice ones. We’d love to have a hotel and conference center down here,” said Botetourt County Board of Supervisors chair Billy Martin.

It takes somebody willing to come in and find a location.

“The hope would be that someone would come in and match that need and would end up investing in the community,” said Botetourt County Administrator Gary Larrowe.

Leaders are trying to attract businesses and they’re working on major projects of their own, with their savings account stronger than ever.

“That money is not just to sit there and just look at. We’ve got a lot of new development coming in,” Martin said.

Expanding broadband access continues to be a top priority. The county got fiber access to 621 more residents and more than 50 businesses, with goals to add to that.

Leaders say they’ve already made huge upgrades to fire and EMS departments with more on the way, including looking at potentially adding a fire station in Daleville.

Road improvements remain a top priority as well.

Leaders are working with VDOT on changes and improvements to specific roads, including around the Daleville Town Center, where people are complaining about sitting in traffic, and at an intersection on 220, by the Greenfield Center. There’s grant money to make major upgrades there.

The county is also looking at adding a crosswalk that would allow people to walk from the Daleville Town Center to the Food Lion across the street.

“We also have the opportunity to actually create this community and continue to make it the special community that it is,” Larrowe said.

County leaders say they will hold more meetings for people looking to start or expand small businesses in order to give them resources and information on the community’s needs.