Deal or Dud: Samurai 360

The Samurai 360 says it will be your new favorite kitchen tool.

ROANOKE, Va. – The Samurai 360 claims it’s the only knife you need. It chops, dices, minces and slices.

Jeff Williamson tested the product by making the ultimate comfort food -- pizza.

He started with the topping, slicing a pepper.

The Samurai 360 seemed to work with relative ease.

Next, he tried it on ham.

The blade got a little bogged down, but did work.

Next, a tomato, which did give some problems.

It seemed to make more tomato juice than anything.

Jeff then threw the pizza in the over.

Minutes later, he pulled it out and sliced it, saying “I’m not even hesitating and it’s cutting right through it.”

In the end, Jeff called the Samurai 360 a deal.

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