Local doctor warns parents about deadly virus in young children, babies

‘You just need to be really cautious’

ROANOKE, Va. – A virus that can look just like the common cold could actually be deadly for babies and young children.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus, known as RSV, is a common virus in adults and children.

In babies and toddlers, the virus can settle in the lungs and cause wheezing and difficulty breathing and can lead to other infections or pneumonia.

RSV is most common October through April, so Dr. Lauren Good, a pediatric physician with LewisGale Medical Center, said everyone needs to practice good hygiene.

“Washing your hands when you’re interacting with babies. Not kissing small babies on the face especially if you feel sick. However, you can be sick for 24 hours before you’re even showing symptoms. So, you just need to be really cautious," Dr. Good said.

Parents should look out for any RSV symptoms like clear nasal drainage, wheezing or a child is breathing quickly, using their belly to breathe or their ribs suck in with each breath.

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