‘It’s all about revitalizing the heart of the city’: Mast General Store fills all jobs for upcoming Roanoke location

Store on track to open in old Heironimus building early this summer

ROANOKE, Va. – Mast General Store is inching closer to opening its new Roanoke location, but if you wanted to work there, you’re too late.

The store estimates it will open in the old Heironimus building on the corner of Jefferson and Church streets early this summer. Mast General Store listed 25 open positions last month, and quickly received more than a hundred applications.

“I think that’s probably the shortest time period that we’ve ever filled all of the positions for an opening store," said Mast General Store’s Sheri Moretz.

Crews are continuing to restore the old building to a more historical look. Moretz said Mast General Store will honor the old Heironimus store by plastering the new store’s walls with stories of what it once was.

“It’s great to carry on the legacy of those who came before us and create new excitement," Moretz said.

Mast General Store is looking for people to share their memories by e-mailing them at info@mastgeneralstore.com.

“It’s interesting to learn about the history, the story of the community, the story of the store, and be able to carry that forward and reintroduce it to people,” Moretz said.

The project is as much about the building’s history as it is about downtown Roanoke’s future. The Heironimus building had been vacant for two decades before Mast bought the building.

Moretz hopes its presence will continue to make downtown Roanoke a great place to visit.

“It’s all about revitalizing the heart of the city and inviting people to come back downtown,” Moretz said. “The rising tide floats all boats. If we’re successful and the others are not, then it’s not successful for us.”

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