Latest Democratic debate could be make-or-break moment for some candidates

Political Expert: Biden, Klobuchar need to have strong performances

ROANOKE, Va. – The latest democratic debate could be a make-or-break moment for some of the candidates.

According to 10 News political analyst Dr. Ed Lynch, Amy Klobuchar and Joe Bidden need to perform well.

Klobuchar needs to prove her strong performance in the last debate was not just a one-time deal.

According to Lynch, Biden needs to have a strong performance in order to regain some of the momentum he lost after the caucus and primary in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“Joe Biden is fighting for his political life right now," Lynch said. “He’s not going to win in Nevada. He absolutely, positively needs a first place finish in South Carolina if he’s going to be able to continue. He’s aware of that. His opponents are aware of that.”

He also expects a lot of attention to be on past controversial comments from Michael Bloomberg about various issues. Wednesday night’s debate will be his first time on the stage.