Candidates other than Bloomberg ‘well advised’ to campaign in Southwest Virginia

Some voters becoming frustrated with Bloomberg

ROANOKE, Va. – As of Tuesday, no current Democratic presidential candidate has campaigned in Southwest Virginia, but making a stop may do them some good ahead of Super Tuesday.

WSLS Political Analyst Dr. Ed Lynch said people are beginning to get frustrated that Michael Bloomberg is spending so much on advertising in Southwest Virginia but not actually coming to the area.

Lynch said this is a perfect opportunity for other candidates.

“I think candidates other than Michael Bloomberg would be well advised to make a stop here in Southwest Virginia, and of course, be prepared for questions about coal, about guns, and about other issues that are very important to people in this area," Lynch said.

He wouldn’t be surprised if candidates do eventually make stops in Southwest Virginia.

“For so long, Virginia was a solidly red state so neither Democrats nor Republicans came here during the fall campaign in presidential elections. Then, we became a purple state, sort of up in the air. I think Virginia is likely to go Democratic this time, so we may see some campaigning here,” Lynch said.

As for Bloomberg, who will participate in a Democratic debate for the first time Wednesday after finally qualifying, he can still be competitive in the race despite being late to the party but the debate will likely not be easy for him.

“I think he’s going to have a lot of explaining to do. Some very, very unfavorable quotes from him have come out in the last couple of days,” Lynch said. “Expect him to be the center of attention, at least in the opening stages, of (Wednesday’s) debate.”

Bloomberg will appear on the ballot for the first time on Super Tuesday.

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