At home with the kids? These 10 tips from a homeschooling professional will help

BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. – Many parents are not only working from home, but teaching from home as well as schools are closed due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Vera Wilson, the director of The Road Less Traveled Home School Academy, has the top 10 tips she gives parents who are new to homeschooling.

For parents, she said the ultimate goal is to teach them how to fall in love with learning.

1 - Find the best hours for learning

It’s important to have school while your child’s brain is awake and his or her body is still. People learn best at different times of the day.

2 - Balance learning and movement

Younger children learn better with a cycle of 20 minutes of instruction followed by 15 minutes of movement. Older children need 15 minutes of movement after 45 minutes of instruction.

3 - Take learning outside

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