Coronavirus situation creates urgent need for food at Feeding Southwest Virginia

SALEM, Va.Feeding Southwest Virginia receives up to 12 truck loads of food a week to restock its warehouse, but because of the coronavirus that number was down to six Wednesday and there was no guarantee the number wouldn’t go down even more.

“Last week, we distributed 62,000 pounds more than we got in. So when you do the math, you realize very quickly if we don’t find additional resources, get these trucks in here, it’s going to be a food crisis," said FSWVA CEO Pam Irvine.

Irvine was making an urgent plea for help Wednesday.

Walking through the organization’s warehouse, large sections of shelves were empty or nearly empty.

For food banks like God’s Storehouse in Danville that rely heavily on Feeding Southwest Virginia, the lack of food is very concerning, knowing demand for food is increasing with kids out of school and many adults out of work.

“We’re seeing a lot of our regular customers coming in, and we are also seeing people that have not not been to us for several years," God’s Storehouse Executive Director Karen Harris said.

Demand may only increase further, as lawmakers in Washington work to remove requirements to qualify for certain government-provided food.

The best way to help out Feeding Southwest Virginia or God’s Storehouse is a monetary donation.