Centra tests over 500 people in Lynchburg area for coronavirus

26 people have tested positive for COVID-19

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Health experts say positive COVID-19 cases will continue to increase in the coming weeks. But Centra in Lynchburg says the hospital and staff are prepared.

To practice social distancing, the hospital held a virtual press conference on Tuesday.

Centra says it’s tested more than 500 people in the Lynchburg district so far.

26 people have tested positive for COVID-19. Only four of them are at the hospital. The rest are at home in self-quarantine.

“We’re getting more clarity day by day as we see patients and more volume, what our needs are going to be and how we match that up with our physical plan. With our personal protective equipment, with our people and with our testing,” chief medical officer Chris Thomson said.

Centra doctors say they will use models from the University of Washington and University of Pennsylvania to help regulate the increase.

Watch Tuesday’s full briefing here: