Why coronavirus changes are causing a Rocky Mount company to hire, not fire, employees

Rocky Mount company looking to hire as many as 20 people.

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. – The coronavirus has hurt a lot of businesses.

However, for McAirlaid’s in Rocky Mount, the company has seen an uptick in the need for its products – to the point where it’s actually hiring.

You might not know the brand name, but you recognize the product.

McAirlaid’s produces products that absorb moisture, such as the pad under the meat you buy. Another McAirlaid’s product is bed pads for hospital or home use.

“Our business is up over 30-40% at least. And I’m getting calls, in fact, I was held up today with calls from people requesting more product,” explained company president Mike Disotelle.

As fewer people eat at restaurants, they are buying more meats at the supermarket, meaning McAirlaid’s needs to produce more product.

“The food supply is changing channels. And that’s really what’s impacting our business,” Disotelle said.

The company, which employs 150 people, expanded operations last year.

Before the coronavirus hit, the company was already operating 24 hours a day. Now, it can’t keep up.

To help keep pace with the growing demand, McAirlaid’s is hiring 15-20 people.

“We need those employees to come and help us fill our orders and make the products that we need to ship out,” said human resources administrator Carol Hubbard.

The company claims hiring was difficult when unemployment nationally was at 3.5%. Now, with rising unemployment numbers and a benefits package that includes 100% health insurance benefits – the company sees an opportunity.

“If you want to work and you have a good work ethic and good attendance, we’d love to have you come by and fill out an application,” Hubbard said.

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