Centra creates mini grocery stores for its own frontline workers

Centra has sold over 800 pounds of chicken, 6,000 rolls of toilet paper

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Centra Health is helping its frontline workers purchase the basic needs that have become difficult to find.

It opened mini grocery stores at all hospital campuses in Lynchburg, Bedford and Farmville.

Timothy Schoonmaker, Centra’s Executive Chef says the idea came after some caregivers could not find supplies or were worried they would be exposed to the virus in public places.

At a low cost, over 800 pounds of chicken, 400 pounds of deli meat and 6,000 rolls of toilet paper have been sold.

“We have seen a huge benefit of being able to take that burden off some of our caregivers of being able to find supplies, and we just continue to evolve and do what we need to do to be that support,” Schoonmaker said.

Centra says it still has enough food to feed its patients.

It will continue this effort as long as it needs to.