‘We’re very proud to be involved in it’: Forest company makes ventilator parts

Simplimatic Automation is manufacturing microchips

FOREST, Va. – A Forest automation company is playing a micro part in the pandemic.

Simplimatic Automation was recently approached by a large health care technology company who manufactures ventilators.

The company said there’s a high demand for ventilators in hospitals across the country.

To help out, Simplimatic is mass producing ventilator parts and the microchips that will go inside them.

“For us to be involved in it, you know, we’re very proud to be involved in it. It’s great for us. It’s great for our employees. It’s great for longevity for us. But it’s also great for us that we’re helping play a part in this pandemic itself," said marketing manager Lee Crawford.

Simplimatic hopes to have the production done in about a week.

The ventilators will go various hospitals throughout the U.S.