Food for Frontline delivers food to Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital

Brew Ridge Taps fed hospital staff Friday

LEXINGTON, Va. – Brew Ridge Taps made its biggest to-go order ever as part of 10 News’ Food for Frontline initiative.

Everyone working on the frontlines at Carilion Stonewall Jackson on Friday received a free lunch from the local restaurant.

“This is the feeling of appreciation that we are receiving,” said Aaron Glenn, the hospital’s director of nursing.

For five weeks, 10 News has been taking donations from viewers to feed frontline workers. The meal orders are placed at local restaurants struggling during this time.

“Being a part of this is absolutely great. It’s a much needed sale we need the revenue," said Autumn McFaddin, Brew Ridge Taps owner. "Then it’s also awesome to be able to help our local frontline workers that are working double time, overtime.”

McFaddin said her business was looking for a way to help, but hasn’t been able to due to a loss of sales.

She credits community support and orders for getting her through the economic challenges.

The restaurant served up 150 of its biggest sandwiches for the healthcare workers.

“'Thank you’s is what a lot of what our staff thrives on,” said Glenn.

Food for Frontline has donated more than 1,600 meals.

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