Roanoke City elementary teachers create class photo with Bitmojis

Teachers at Monterey Elementary got creative and made Bitmoji class pictures

Teachers at Monterey Elementary in Roanoke City got creative and made Bitmoji class pictures. (Roanoke City Public Schools)

ROANOKE, Va. – School certainly looked a lot different this year and for one local elementary school that includes their class photos.

Since schools shut down across the commonwealth back in March, Monterey Elementary students missed out on their annual class picture.

Teachers at Monterey in Roanoke City got creative and made Bitmoji class pictures.

Each one includes all the students and the teacher.

The principal says it took each teacher about four hours to create the entire class photo.

“They had to individually go and create the Bitmojis for each of their students from head to toe, their style and our teachers really enjoyed that because they felt like they were able to show each kid's personality through the Bitmoji that they created,” said Morgan Strother, Monterey Elementary principal.

Strother says the response from students and parents has been overwhelmingly positive.

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