Center in the Square will reopen July 1 in downtown Roanoke

One company donated $10,000 worth of time, supplies to help staff prepare

ROANOKE, Va – Ahead of Phase 3 places across Virginia are preparing to partially reopen for the first time in months.

One of Roanoke’s largest venues, Center in the Square, is among them.

On Thursday, the entertainment venue received a deep cleaning before next week’s reopening.

“Our main mission is to serve the public, help educate the kids in the community, give the families and the children an opportunity to build special moments in their life,” said Center in the Square President Jim Sears.

Green Home Solutions of Roanoke donated $10,000 worth of time and supplies to help the center prepare for Phase 3.

“We’re scrubbing down every possible surface which I have kids, I know what they touch. They touch everything, so we’re pretty much scrubbing everything,” said Green Home Solutions of Roanoke owner Andy Brady.

Brady said he brings his own children to Center in the Square often when it’s open and wanted to help give back.

“We use enzyme-based products that stay behind after the treatment to continue killing contaminants, continue destroying contaminants,” explained Brady.

JD Sutphin said staff will be doing temperature checks before returning to work each day.

“I consider this place to be just an icon of downtown Roanoke, a lot of people don’t know the history of how they changed downtown Roanoke in so many ways,” JD Sutphin with Big Lick Entertainment said.

Sears said it hasn’t always been easy during the pandemic, but he is optimistic for the future.

“We have a $30 million a year economic impact, and we serve over half a million people per year put all that together and it tells you that its very vital and important part of the community,” Sears said.

When Center in the Square reopens, all staff and visitors will be required to wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines.

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