Meet the kitten that spent 10 hours in a car engine from Kentucky to southwest Virginia

"Angels were watching over her."

Curiosity definitely got the best of a tiny kitten that may have just used up one of its nine lives.

Angel, at 5 weeks old, finished up a several hundred-mile adventure hidden inside a car engine.

“Angels were watching over her on that 10-hour ride,” said Missy Viars, co-director of Pulaski Animal Care and Control. “Angel came to us all the way from Kentucky.”

Viars said looking for warmth, the kitten crawled into a man’s car engine before he left Kentucky.10 hours later, when he made a pit stop in Southwest Virginia at the Flying J in Max Meadows, he along with a passerby heard her cries.

The owner said he had no idea where she would have come from – that he didn’t leave near anyone who owned a kitten.

Kitten takes 10-hour-ride in car engine (WSLS)

“They worked to get the kitten out of the engine, and the owner said it’s not my kitty and left, and left him standing there with the baby,” Viars said.

That’s how she ended up at PACC, where Viars and her team cleaned her up.

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