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’As a believer, I have a responsibility to pray’: Hundreds worship at Lynchburg prayer service

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Faith can be a powerful feeling, especially when others are around to embrace the spirit alongside you. That feeling amplified at Lynchburg’s Riverfront Park Sunday evening.

“If two or more are gathered in His name, then he’s in our midst,” said worshipper Terri Bowerman. “When there are hundreds of people gathered, He’s here.”

Hundreds of people made their way to the park for Lynchburg Prays, an event thought up by Waymaker Church Pastor Jon Dupin and The Ramp Church International’s Bishop S.Y. Younger.

“Something powerful happens when we turn our eyes to the Lord and say ‘You do what only you can do and we cannot do, and we praise you for it,‘” Dupin said. “We are open to that today.”

“As a black man, I have a responsibility to stand and speak,” added Younger. “As a believer, I have a responsibility to pray.”

The outdoor Sunday service featured songs, scripture readings, and even a handful of on-the-spot baptisms.

Dupin hopes the prayer service inspires attendees to turn the prayer into action.

“We can actually be in the struggle together and say, ‘If you’re struggling with something, I don’t care who you are, I’m going to walk with you in it,‘” Dupin said.

Younger believes the rally can be a jumping off point to substantial change within the Hill City.

“I don’t want to rename Lynchburg, I want to redefine it,” Younger said. “Lynchburg has such a large church community, so I think if anything really needs to be changed, it won’t start at city hall, it’s going to start in our churches.”