Danville Vice Mayor concerned about spike in COVID-19 cases in the city

Cases also increasing in surrounding Pittsylvania County

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville’s Vice Mayor is urging people to take the coronavirus seriously.

The number of new cases was dropping in the city; however, it’s started to increase.

In the past four days, Danville has averaged about 56 new cases a day. In the prior two weeks, the city was averaging less than half of that with about 25 new cases daily.

Vice Mayor Dr. Gary Miller is a cardiologist and said he had a patient die from COVID-19 last week and has another patient who’s sick and may die.

He also said a local nurse was part of two families vacationing in Myrtle Beach recently that shared a house and there are now 11 coronavirus cases between the two families.

“I just want people to get serious again. I think they’ve been laxed, they think it’s done,” said Miller. “I go to different stores, grocery stores and so forth, and people don’t have their masks on or have them below their chin or below their nose.”

The city has sent recommendations to businesses, encouraging them to enforce social distancing and the governor’s mask mandate.