Campaign underway to promote Caesars casino in Danville

Caesars wants to open casino at site of former Schoolfield Mill

A campaign is underway to get voter approval for a new casino in Danville.

DANVILLE, Va. – A campaign is underway to promote the casino that could be built in Danville.

Caesars announced the campaign Wednesday.

It will include traditional and social media marketing and townhall meetings, the first of which will likely happen in September.

The campaign also has four local leaders serving as co-chairs to help the company connect with the community.

In November, residents will vote whether or not they want to allow Caesars to open a casino in Danville.

As 10 News has reported, the casino is expected to generate over $30 million a year for the city and create over 2,000 jobs including the construction jobs.

“I like to think of it as a grassroots, boots-on-the-ground kind of campaign,” said Tony Rodio, who’s overseeing the effort. “We want to be immersed in the community before the referendum. Quite frankly, we want to be immersed in the the referendum.”

Campaigns like this are not uncommon, Rodio said, but it has been awhile since Caesars has had to undertake one.