Foster Fuels sends 45 trucks to help hurricane victims

Foster Fuel crews prepared to stay as long as needed

Foster Fuels, a fueling company in Lynchburg, is going to Texas to help with Hurricane Laura as requested by FEMA.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg-area fueling companies are in Texas helping victims of what was Hurricane Laura.

FEMA called on Foster Fuels, who answered the call.

The company sent their drivers and about 40 trucks filled with fuel ready to serve.

“From clear diesel fuel to gasoline, and it can be used to power anything to generators to automobiles. You name it. It’s whatever the need is we’re there with the fuel to handle those needs,” said sales representative Freddie Wydner.

Foster Fuels said it’s not sure how long its crews will be in Texas, but they’re prepared to stay as long as needed.