Botetourt County nonprofit continues helping people around the world who are deaf

ICCD has fed, educated and housed children and adults who can’t hear for 28 years

BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. – Many have struggled with isolation since the pandemic began, but imagine not being able to communicate with those around you for your whole life.

A local nonprofit is working to help those around the world who cannot hear or communicate with others.

From the outside of the International Christian Centers for the Deaf’s house in Botetourt County, you wouldn’t expect international communication to be happening inside.

In a typical year, Kayla Rohr and the rest of the staff at ICCD would be traveling the world, but of course, 2020 isn’t typical.

Now, from their headquarters, they are adapting to how they can help those who are deaf in developing countries.

“Oftentimes deaf people don’t have access to language or education, so then they can’t communicate and that creates a barrier,” said Rohr, a missionary with ICCD.

Since 1992, ICCD has fed, educated, and housed children and adults who can’t hear, like Juan Pablo.

“[Juan’s] father said, ‘well, the only way I can protect Juan is just lock him up in the house,’ and he was locked in the house for 12 years, couldn’t go anywhere,” said Tom Turner, ICCD executive director.

A deaf ministry partner in Mexico found Juan Pablo and saved his life after his father’s death.

ICCD staff continues their work at the headquarters during the pandemic by raising money, while those on the ground in developing countries keep caring and educating those who can’t hear.

“We’re all about working with the whole being, providing physically for their physical needs, providing spiritually for their spiritual needs, but then also helping them vocationally too with different job trades and skills,” said Rohr.

With an upcoming fundraiser on top of Center in the Square, the organization is hoping others will invest in its cause.

If you would like to sponsor a child or learn more about their upcoming fundraiser, click here.

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