'They’ve had so many challenges’: Radford city leaders take steps to help local businesses

RADFORD, Va – The City of Radford is taking several steps to help some of its businesses financially bounce back from setbacks caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The city has used some of the money from the CARES Act to help create the NRV Business Continuity Team (BCT) which will help provide resources to help local businesses reopen and stay open safely.

Radford Mayor David Horton said it is a step in the right direction toward economic recovery.

“We are working to help our businesses be in the strongest position possible moving forward. They’ve had so many challenges and we want to do our best to help them be successful and put them in a position for future growth,” said Radford Mayor David Horton.

The BCT is free to all businesses who need help navigating COVID-19 in the workplace.

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