Radford University sees only 12 new coronavirus cases in a week

University’s overall positivity rate is now under 11%

RADFORD, Va. – Radford University is reporting its fewest new cases of coronavirus in a week since the beginning of the school year.

On Tuesday, the university updated its COVID-19 Dashboard, reporting that of 308 new coronavirus tests, only 12 tests came back positive.

This is the smallest increase that the university has seen since the first week’s worth of data when it had 11 positives among 1,470 total tests.

Two weeks ago, the overall positivity rate of campus tests was 12.26%. Now, it’s down to 10.78%.

In the two weeks since, only 52 of the campus' 883 COVID-19 tests have been positive, which equates to 5.89% positivity.

Looking at the two weeks prior to that, 259 of the campus' 1,206 COVID-19 tests were positive. Those numbers represented a 21.48% positivity.

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