Martinsville school staff members visit students at home

‘We’re working as one unified front, and it’s all about the kids’

Employees at Martinsville City Public Schools found a way to stay connected with their students while virtually learning.

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – Martinsville City Schools is among the school districts committed to all-virtual learning during the COVID-19 outbreak, but it found a way to reunite its children with school staff members.

A dozen Martinsville City Schools employees visited an apartment complex in the city Thursday in order to see students face-to-face.

“We’re so used to seeing the kids every day: in the car ride line, on the bus, in the lunchroom, in the classroom," said Patrick Henry Elementary School Principal Cameron Cooper. “It’s been difficult, but we are learning together and supporting each other.”

“It’s been tough. This pandemic has been tough on everyone, especially the kids," said Officer L.C. Jones of the Martinsville Police Department, who serves as a school resource officer at Martinsville Middle School. “By us coming to see them because they can’t get out, I think it’s going to be a big help for them.”

The group brought gifts for the children. Cooper let kids pick out free books and Jones handed out Martinsville Police goody bags.

Martinsville City Schools will likely continue this outreach program until the end of virtual learning. Both Cooper and Jones are optimistic about how this program will help kids going forward.

“It was very nice, and I’m excited that we’re going to continue to do this," said Cooper.

“That’s what Martinsville is all about," Jones added. "We have the police department, sheriff’s office, and the schools. We’re working as one unified front, and it’s all about the kids.”