Virginia task force pushes for equal learning opportunities for students

It wants to make change in economic and racial issues in school districts

HALIFAX COUNTY, Va. – Keeping kids on the same level of learning despite economic and racial backgrounds was the mission for one group of educators led by a Southside superintendent.

Virginia’s Task Force for Students and Schools in Challenging Environments listed suggestions for students including the districts embracing families of all economic and racial backgrounds and expanding internet across the state.

Halifax County’s superintendent is a co-chair of the group and believes every Virginian needs an equal chance to learn.

“The history of Virginia is based on segregation and so forth, and we’re catching up from years of that. That’s bigger than the disparity of wealthy districts and those who do not have as much wealth," said Dr. Mark Lineburg, Halifax County Public Schools superintendent.

The new report expands on the task force’s first set of findings which was released in 2014.

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