University of Virginia researchers work with Virginia Tech lab on COVID-19 vaccine

Number of COVID-19 cases at Virginia Tech more than doubles

University of Virginia researchers are working with a lab at Virginia Tech to find a vaccine for COVID-19.

But even if one is approved, its success depends on how many people agree to take it.

New polling suggests even if a free vaccine is approved by the FDA, it won’t be universally embraced.

A poll of Virginians this month by VCU, shows not only are two thirds against a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, four in ten say they would not get the shot if it was ready right now.

“You probably need more than 60 plus percent of people to get it to be to blunt the course of the pandemic,” said Dr. Stephen Zeichner.

“My wife asked me, would I be one of the first ones to take the vaccine and I said, ‘yes, I’d love to, (to be one of the first in Charlottesville to be vaccinated),’” said Dr. Petri. "It’s hugely important because we’re going to protect not only ourselves but then we’re going to reduce the risk of transmission to others.”

U. Va. researchers say a vaccine is likely to be approved before the end of the year, but the speedy development has caused some to have safety concerns.