5th District candidate Bob Good posted photo with senator who later tested positive for COVID-19

Photo posted recently but taken ‘some time ago,’ according to Good campaign

The Trumps aren’t the only high-profile people testing positive for coronavirus.

Utah senator Mike Lee announced Friday he will isolate for the next 10 days after he tested positive for COVID-19.

Lee’s announcement led 10 News to reach out to 5th district Republican candidate Bob Good’s campaign.

Good posted a photo with Lee on social media on Thursday. 10 News asked the Good campaign if the photo was taken in the last two weeks and if so, did Good plan to get tested?

The Good campaign told 10 News that while the photo with Lee was posted recently, the meeting between Lee and Good was “some time ago.” The campaign sent 10 News this response with a link to the CDC’s contact tracing page:

“We have been informed through social media of Sen. Lee’s news. He and his family are in our thoughts and prayers. We are praying for a speedy recovery. Mr. Good is informed of and abiding by CDC guidelines, which can be found here.”

Good has campaign events scheduled for this weekend, including a Second Amendment rally in Nelson County on Saturday. The Good campaign told 10 News the event on Saturday will take place with social distancing measures in place, and they’ll be using hand sanitizer and wearing masks.