Prayer vigil organized for President, First Lady after positive COVID test

‘We’re praying for the President and his wife, and we’re praying for this nation’

People across our area are reacting to the fact that President Trump and the First Lady both tested positive for COVID-19

DANVILLE, Va. – A prayer vigil was held Friday afternoon for President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump after the overnight announcement that they both have tested positive for coronavirus.

“We’re praying for the President and his wife, and we’re praying for this nation," said Ralph Rhyne, founder of God’s Final Call Warning Ministry.

Rhyne’s organization also hosted a massive food giveaway following the prayer vigil.

Three Angels Message Seventh Day Adventist Church hosted the event.

“This thing is real. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t care if you’re white, Black, President, Hispanic – it doesn’t matter. It does not care," shouted Pastor Glenn Allen. "We want to pray for all of those families that have lost over 209,000 people to this pandemic.”

While still so much is uncertain, some are simply pausing to pray.

On Friday, the Pittsylvania-Danville & Southside Health Districts hosted a drive-thru coronavirus testing event.

Sherlene Cobbs was one of more than 100 people tested.

The question on the minds of many Friday: “What’s next?” Others were asking if this will encourage more people to get tested.

“It would be great to go ahead and do so, especially knowing that…with them being high up," stated Cobbs.

“I would hope that people would be interested whether the President was or not, but if that’s an encouragement, please do," stated Chris Garret, Local Health Emergency Coordinator, Pittsylvania-Danville & Southside Health Districts.

For more information on coronavirus testing where you live, click here.

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