'We sadly have been hit hard’: The Homeplace Restaurant in Catawba closes indefinitely

‘We pray for better days and hope 2021 will shine for all’

The owners of The Homeplace Restaurant hope to reopen in spring of 2021.

Phones are ringing off the hook at The Homeplace Restaurant in Catawba. But after this Sunday, and 38 years in business, there won’t be anyone picking up.

The family-run business made the tough call to close for the rest of the year, making the announcement on Facebook Monday night.

“It’s very hard," said general manager Kevin Wingate. "Again, we don’t take it lightly.”

Wingate said when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, small businesses across the country took a huge hit and The Homeplace was no exception. He said business is down by about 50%.

With the current social distancing and health restrictions in place, the restaurant just can’t afford to stay open.

“It’s very disappointing, because my dad, he started the business,” said Wingate. “We hate to have to do this right now, but at this time we just don’t have any other choice.”

Wingate said he does not want this to be goodbye for good. If possible, they hope to reopen in the spring of 2021.

“Maybe when the restrictions are lifted and we can get our restaurant back at a better capacity, we are looking, you know, possibly, possibly, to reopen," said Wingate.

While the closure is emotional for the family, they said they’re going to remember their blessings, forget their troubles and look ahead to a new year.

“You just have to sometimes take things as they come. And that’s what my dad always said. He said, 'Worrying doesn’t do any good,’" said Wingate.

He also has a message to the restaurant’s loyal customers: “We hope if we ever get open again in the future, which we hope to if it’s possible, that they’ll come back and patronize us again.”


A beloved local restaurant known for its family-style comfort food will be closing its doors for the year after this weekend.

The Homeplace Restaurant in Catawba shared an update on Facebook Monday night with news that the last day of business this year will be on Sunday.

Restaurant management did not explicitly state whether the restaurant would reopen in 2021 but wrote, “We pray for better days and hope 2021 will shine for all.”

Management cited the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on local businesses, saying, “We sadly have been hit hard.” Efforts to reopen inside dining with social distancing measures in place weren’t bringing in enough business, according to management.

The Homeplace will be open through Sunday for inside dining and carry-out.

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