AMC allowing movie lovers to rent a theatre all to yourself

Private movie screenings start at $99

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One of the greatest feelings is showing up to a movie and finding out only you and your friends are the only ones in the theatre. Well, AMC is giving you the opportunity to do so.

Starting at $99, movie lovers can rent out a whole auditorium at AMC Theatres to watch a movie. The company said they would allow people to rent out theatres for private viewings, or for parties of up to 20 people.

Anyone who wants to rent out a theatre can go to AMC’s website and fill out an online request form. In the form, you need to specify what movie you’d like to watch, the date you want to go and what AMC location you want to rent from.

In our area, the AMC locations in Roanoke and Salem are available to rent out an auditorium.

Once you fill out the form, an AMC says a representative will contact you within three business days about the request.

Prices vary from what movie you’d like to watch. Some of the available movies cost between $149-$349, excluding class, but most movies cost $99.

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