What should Danville do with millions from a potential casino? City leaders want your opinion

Education and public safety are frontrunning ideas

City leaders in Danville want the community's input on how to spend money if enough people vote for casino.

DANVILLE, Va. – City leaders in Danville want your input on how they should spend millions of dollars in possible casino revenues. Caesars stands posted to build a casino and resort if voters say yes this Election Day. They’ll answer that historic question in less than two weeks.

“With that comes the possibility of multiple millions of dollars of new revenue to the city and a challenge, or the opportunity, to talk about how to invest those dollars in ways that will make a difference in people’s lives," said Danville city manager Ken Larking.

Larking said the windfall of cash is a big responsibility, and they want to get it right. Outside consultants are on board to help do that, and Danielle Scott and her team will present their findings before the end of the year.

“(It) provides a number of options and considerations for how those funds, if the referendum were to pass, would be used, and how those would be implemented in a way that takes in all of the community feedback," Scott said.

They’ve been on a crusade two get everyone’s input. Thursday afternoon they hosted the second of three town halls, and they’re also surveying folks on where they want the money spent.

“Not only analysis around financially what makes the most sense, in terms of those of how those funds can be used, but also how those funds can be leveraged in a way that’s really equitable and community-driven," Scott said.

So far the front runners are education, neighborhood improvements and public safety. Larking said the final report will play a heavy role in deciding how money would be used.

“The reason were here is to serve the public so their opinion means everything. They tell us what their desires are, what their needs are, it becomes the goal that we try to achieve," Larking said.