Local showroom sees uptick in people returning to music due to more free time

ROANOKE, Va. – This pandemic has created loss and challenges but some people have been able to find positivity in music.

Apex Piano Showroom in Roanoke has a lot to offer: pianos for purchase, rooms for private and group lessons and an event space for recitals.

Since the pandemic, the showroom has had to adapt as business picked up; shifting to appointment only, becoming more online-based and offering remote lessons.

The owner, Steve Gross, said the surge of customers isn’t due to beginners looking to pick up a new hobby, but people who now have more time on their hands and want to reunite with an old hobby.

“We found that a lot of people were coming back to playing musical instruments as oppose to there’s a lot of new beginners and new lessons and the technology has changed in a way that’s allowing people to learn differently and not having to have a traditional instrument,” said Gross.

Gross said he’s noticed a strong interest in digital pianos, especially silent pianos.

With silent pianos, you can plug in headphones and hear what’s being played that way. It’s convenient for kids practicing while parents are working from home and it helps create a positive space to make mistakes.

Gross hopes whether it’s a traditional instrument or one with extra technology people recognize music’s true value.

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