God’s Pit Crew volunteer logs 25,000 donated hours, receives Hero Award

When James Hodge retired from the Goodyear plant in Danville he wasted no time going to work for free for God’s Pit Crew

DANVILLE, Va. – It is the time of year when people give to non-profits to help others out, but for one local man giving isn’t just a season, but a way of life.

We sat down with God’s Pit Crew to chat about the man who logged thousands of hours volunteering for the non-profit and the award he recently received.

When James Hodge retired from the Goodyear plant in Danville he wasted no time going to work for free for God’s Pit Crew.

“He could have sat in a Lay-Z-Boy or gone fishing or traveling and there’s nothing wrong with that, but he chose to give really the best part of his years to making a difference in other people’s lives. I just think that’s incredible,” said Randy Johnson, God’s Pit Crew founder.

James has been all over the country volunteering for the non-profit, helping victims clean up after disasters.

“I have been blessed so much that I’ve been able to help people in need. I’ve been blessed more than they have,” said James Hodge, Hero Award recipient.

At the annual volunteer banquet, God’s Pit Crew recognizes those who give the most hours in a year. This year, the non-profit upped the recognition, handing out its first-ever Hero Award to one of its most faithful volunteers ever, Hodge.

“There was just no way we were going to let this volunteer banquet go without honoring him in some way, because he deserves that in the greatest of ways,” said Johnson.

“I was just honored and surprised. I had no idea it was going to happen,” said Hodge.

When you have logged 25-thousand hours volunteering in 10 years it’s hard to think anyone else would top that.

“There is nobody, nobody more dedicated, more passionate, more giving, more loving who really truly has a heart to serve and make a difference in my opinion than James Hodge,” said Johnson.

As Hodge’s health declines and he can no longer volunteer, he’s grateful for the time that he could help, and GPC leaders wanted to show their appreciation now.

“I’m just thankful to God that I was able to do it,” said Hodge.

“I think we all are guilty in life of having things we want to say to people and we don’t until it’s too late. We sure did not want to make that mistake here,” said Johnson.

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