New ‘ghost kitchen’ coming to Blacksburg that only allows curbside, delivery service

Souper Hero will sell soups and sandwiches

BLACKSBURG, Va. – A new “ghost kitchen” will open in Blacksburg to serve up hot meals and build back revenue after getting hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

To keep employees working and to restore the 20% loss in sales, the owners at Zeppoli’s Italian Restaurant, Cody Thompson and Chris Mullens, created a new side business called Souper Hero.

“We thought what can we do that wouldn’t have a big increase in capital and we wouldn’t have to buy a new restaurant,” Thompson said. “So we thought a ghost kitchen.”

Thompson and Mullens will make soups and sandwiches in their restaurant’s kitchen but only offer curbside pickup or delivery.

“We thought with the cold season coming around, selling soup would be one of our best options,” Mullens said.

To support their neighbors, the owners also partnered with Blacksburg Bagels for their variety of bread.

“Instead of ordering from out of state or across the country, we’ll go locally and just helps us keep an eye on the quality,” Thompson said.

Blacksburg Bagels owner Peter Macedo said it’s a partnership he did not hesitate to agree to.

“I think this is what Blacksburg has been trying to do, partner up. This way we can all grow together, especially during this time of the pandemic.”

Souper Hero will officially launch on Tuesday, Dec 1. and will be open from 11 a.m to 2 p.m and 5 p.m to 8 p.m.

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