Wintry weather benefits ski resorts across the region

Colder temperatures are helping resorts stay open this season

While we didn't get a ton of snow in the Roanoke Valley,

While we didn’t see much snow, today’s winter weather is good news for ski resorts in the region.

Snowshoe Resort in West Virginia received several inches of fresh powder, and while staff made snow on a regular basis, they said the real thing is always better.

Meanwhile, Massanutten Resort in Rockingham County will be opening this upcoming weekend. However, just last week, staff were unsure if guests would be able to return to the slopes, but this storm and the colder temperatures that come with it is a good base.

“You know, we all want to get as much open as we can, but you’re always concerned about how fast you open something up because you don’t want it to go back to 60 degrees next weekend and melt everything you have. So we’d like to make enough to make sure we make it through the next warm spell,” said Kenny Hess with the Massanutten Resort.

This weather system is also benefitting Wintergreen Resort in Nelson County, where despite a lot of uncertainty, the chair lifts are now up and running.