Don’t overdo it: How to keep and conquer your 2021 health goals

Yours Chewly Nutrition shares biggest misconceptions and tips to start and keep a healthier lifestyle

Changing your mentality for your goals
Changing your mentality for your goals

Committing to a healthier you in 2021 isn’t as straight forward as you may think and takes much more than just eating right.

Registered dietician Claire Chewning, owns Yours Chewly Nutrition. She told 10 News the biggest misconception is thinking you have to do everything all at once. Chewning recommends starting with actionable goals that you can achieve in a short amount of time then add on more when you see fit.

With most of us spending more time at home than in past years and snacking away the day, Chewning wants to stress the importance of having a “What I can add” mentality instead of a “What I can take away” mentality.

“Adding on a fruit or a vegetable, maybe it’s adding on more sleep, maybe it’s adding more interaction and connection with those you love via zoom, like we’re doing here. It can be food related but I think we all have to remember that there are so many pieces to the puzzle so do speak when it comes to our health,” said Chewning.

If you choose to engage in health promoting behaviors, know that they can have positive impact on your health regardless...

Posted by Yours Chewly Nutrition on Monday, November 16, 2020

The point is to be realistic when you set your goals so it’s actually something you can accomplish.

Chewly Nutrition was virtual before the pandemic, helping people across the country have healthier lifestyles through online appointments, an online course and a free Facebook group, Yours Chewly Goal Slayers. Things picked up in March 2020.

Chewning said the significant increase in business stayed steady throughout the year, but now there’s another spike due to the start of 2021.

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