Here’s a graphic showing Virginia’s coronavirus vaccination priorities

About half of all Virginians are among Groups A, B and C

Gov. Ralph Northam spoke Wednesday to talk about the Commonwealth’s plan to vaccinate all 8.5 million Virginians.

“The virus is worse now than it’s ever been,” said the governor early during his address.

He spoke about many different facets of vaccine distribution.

When it comes to getting doses distributed, Northam presented this chart which shows how many doses have been distributed thus far on a weekly basis.


Right now, Virginia is receiving 110,000 doses a week and giving 14,000 shots a day.

Northam said that in the short term, the state’s goal is 25,000 shots per day with a long-term goal of 50,000 shots per day.

He also spoke on the safeness of the vaccine, “I believe that with all my heart based on years of experience as a doctor. I will take it when it is my turn and so will my family.”

While Group 1A is the top priority and current focus to vaccinate, officials said Wednesday that anyone in groups 1A, 1B or 1C could receive the vaccine at this time, in the name of efficiency.

They said it’d be better to vaccine people in all those groups then have unused vaccines sitting in freezers waiting for people in Group 1A.

Northam did mention that no one in Virginia has been diagnosed with a new strain of COVID-19.

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