Staffing issues, truck upgrades to blame for Lynchburg trash pick-up delays

Postponing ‘retrofitting’ to prevent more delays

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Staffing issues are partly to blame for a delay in trash pick-up in Lynchburg.

Public Works Director Gaynelle Hart told 10 News that they’re also trying to update -- or ‘retrofit’ -- their trucks, which means installing an arm that grabs the trash bins from the curb, empties them, then places them back.

Since each truck takes 30 to 45 days to upgrade, Hart said they’re going to postpone the ‘retrofitting’ to prevent more delays.

“We’re going to halt all of the retrofitting for right now. We’ve got two new trucks on order that we hope will be in this summer; and then at that time, we’ll reconsider what we’re going to do with the retrofitting. [We’ll] maybe begin in the summer after we have gotten the new vehicles,” Hart said.

Hart said the department is also looking to lease another truck to help with trash pick-up until the new vehicles arrive.

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