Local pharmacies help register people for coronavirus vaccine

Christiansburg and Blacksburg Pharmacy will sit down with you to sign you up

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – If you need to register for the coronavirus vaccine but don’t have internet access, local pharmacies are stepping in to help.

Christiansburg and Blacksburg Pharmacy are offering to register people for the vaccine.

Christiansburg Pharmacy Operations Manager Michael Quinones said for the past few days the phone has been ringing off the hook with elderly patients asking how to sign up.

With most callers struggling to navigate online or having no internet access, the pharmacy is offering a private sit-down or a phone session to get people on the list.

“At the end of the day, a lot of these are our patients and this is our community,” Quinones said. “So we are trying as best as we can to get access to the vaccine as quick as possible.”

He said the pharmacy is working with the health department and the local recreation centers in Blacksburg and Christiansburg to administer vaccines soon.

Christiansburg Pharmacy will receive its first shipment of vaccines in about two weeks.

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