Roanoke City Public Libraries recommends kid’s books to ease tough conversations

ROANOKE, Va. – The magic of reading isn’t limited to witches and warlocks, especially right now. Roanoke City Public Libraries believes the magic is helping kids get through tough times.

From politics and racial injustice to this pandemic and how much life has changed, there’s a lot of things kids are exposed to. Talking to them isn’t easy, but a trip to the library may help break the ice.

Here is Roanoke City Public Libraries’ recommendation for children’s books for addressing topics like personal obstacles, death, stress, anxiety, friendships and more.

Amber Lowery, the libraries’ manager of youth services, said that kids will talk about the emotions they’re dealing with, possibly prompted by the pandemic and other current events, but it may take a book to get the conversation started. She told 10 News they are encouraging parents to choose titles carefully and find books that relate to their child and the things going on in today’s world.

“A lot of times they can relate to characters in these books and they’re like ‘That child looks like me, that animal has anxiety like me,’ and so being able to find books that kids can relate to and they can see themselves in through the eyes of that character helps them get through a lot of the trauma that they’re experiencing” said Lowery.

The library is also working to open parents’ eyes to how reading can be a healthy outlet for kids and adults.

“Finding that land or dreamland where you can just be that person and just escape through those characters. Those stories can take you away from some of the stuff that’s going on right now and just teach you through that and I think that’s important in the lot of the books we’re seeing, especially the ones that are being published right now,” Lowery said.

For parents looking for a little more support, here are parenting books to help children and teens through stress and anxiety.

Roanoke City Public Libraries are not open but are offering curbside services. You can hold books online.

You can also look for the same recommended books at a library near you.

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